Tomorrow's Past

from by Giraffe Incognito



Trivia: This is the longest song on the album coming in at just over 5 minutes. The string section comprises of 6 violin parts, where each violin track was recorded in the same room, from a different distance to the microphone each time.


We won't even walk the streets now
We won't even to watch that show
You see that man over there looks like a headless chook cause he's got nowhere to go

You really should have made your mind up
You really should have left the town
You'll find a 100 suits in the butcher store that nobody's found

I'd like one more chance to please you,
Lets march together,
Backwards into tomorrow's past
If you could understand you might see,
That we're connected, corrupted by reality


from The Pursuit Continues, released October 31, 2009




Giraffe Incognito Melbourne, Australia

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