The Bank Robbery

from by Giraffe Incognito



Trivia: This is the oldest Giraffe Incognito track - originally recorded in late November 2008. Not only is this the oldest track, but it is the track that has had the most hours spent on it. The samples were applied during winter 2009 and more samples, including the intro from the previous track were done right before the release of the album.


These men are dangerous

These men are dangerous, plotting their way with icy calm, to riches far beyond the wildest dreams of ordinary men

These men are ruthless, fear has no meaning to them as they hurl the finest of the law

These men were born to violence and learnt to meet the worst that they could bring, with nerves of steel.

These men, are dangerous


from The Pursuit Continues, released October 31, 2009




Giraffe Incognito Melbourne, Australia

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